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Closes 27 Jan 2018                 Nullabour Parks Draft Management Plan  Info here

Closes 28 Jan 2018                 Yellabinna and Warna Manda Parks Draft Management Plan  Info here

Closes 30 Jan 2018                       Biosecurity Act 2015 (Federal)

Closes 31 Jan 2018                       Disaster Resilient Plan for South Australia 




 Farriery Project (info from Skills Impact)





Horse SA advocates in the following forums through committee positions:

DEWNR                                 ‘I Share My Trail’ marketing
Multi-Agency                         Tom Roberts Trail, Onkaparinga Hills
DEWNR                                 O’Halloran Hill Recreation Park overview
City of Onkaparinga             Horse Initiatives Group
AHIC                                       Industry Advisory Committee
AHIC                                       Welfare sub-committee
Multi-Agency/club               Kersbrook/Adelaide Hills Walking Trails
Recreation SA                       Trails Advisory Group
Recreation SA                       Trails Forum
HOSMLR^                             Horse SA representative
Skills IQ                                  Equine  Training Project Technical Advisory Group
Skills Impact                         Animal Care & Management Industry Advisory Committee

Occasional meetings are held with PIRSA Biosecurity CVO Dr Roger Paskin with invitees Thoroughbred Racing SA, Harness Racing SA and Equestrian SA
Meetings are attended by Julie Fiedler, Executive Officer
^HOSMLR Horse Owners of the Southern Mount Lofty Ranges Inc.


Horse SA submissions in the 2017/18 financial year

  • Monarto Parks survey promoted to local horse riders
  • 5 Sept  City of Onkaparinga Open Space Strategy.  Support future planning which includes horse access, and Oakridge Road Riding Arena.
  • 5 Sept  Simpson Conservation Park – the final plan to include a statement that horses can use public roads or access other areas via a permit
  • 5 Sept   Adelaide Parklands Heritage Assessment survey – Our parklands have value, have a horse heritage we value and to seek out ways to recognise intangible heritage.
  • 5 Sept   Skills IQ recreational coaching, trail ride leaders – general feedback on Units of Competency



Horse SA Submissions made in the 2016/17 financial year:     

  • Rural City of Murray Bridge Trails Plan
  • Simpson Desert Regional Parks
  • Goolwa Beach Carpark Master Plan
  • Office for Recreation & Sport Strategic Plan
  • PIRSA Animals in Emergencies
  • DEWNR  Onkaparinga/Parks of the Adelaide Hills
  • Innamincka Regional Reserve (for access by permit)
  • Ngaut Ngaut Conservation Park (for access to tracks by Hunter Rd by permit)
  • Steep Hill Road Closure (supported, with gap in fence for horse riders to continue on Kidman Trail)
  • City of Onkaparinga Trails Plan.  Supported
  • Murray Bridge 4 URR closures adjacent Monarto Zoo (for expansion) Noted that it was a loss of public land for recreational access and could be substituted in this case.
  • 30 May  International Bird Sanctuary: supporting continued horse use of northern adelaide beaches and consider formalising float parking areas
  • 12 June  Greenways Act enactment to preserve trail corridors. (supported)



River Murray Trail  FUNDING ANNOUNCED. Once complete the trail will promote wellbeing, encourage tourism and business expansion, showcase our River and Coorong, and conserve and protect biodiversity. Work on this project began in 2012, with careful planning ensuring a purpose built trail is designed for walking and bike riding, with the eventual goal to link Cadell in the Riverland to Murray Bridge, and on to Salt Creek in the Coorong. Media release here  (at this stage it is unclear about horse access, however many of the proposed sections are on public tracks)

SE Regional Trail Plan

Limestone Coast

Limestone Coast Regional Trails Master Plan  here. Horse riders or enthusiasts are encouraged to maintain regular contact with the Councils involved, make contacxt with local trail clubs and keep Horse SA in the loop.

Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park plan now released. Horse riding will be permitted on management tracks on a case by case basis. Download pl

ENGAGE:  Horse riders are invited to engage with The Eyre Trails Project via Facebook.




Planning laws: Did you know that Horse Keeping is regulated by your local government, under state law requirements? It is important for horse owners (and Horse SA) to contribute to local council Development Plan Amendment public consultations as they arise- to comment on the rules that will govern how horses are kept in your district. However it is very time consuming to visit each LGA website each week to find out if consultations are taking place.  It would be greatly appreciated if horse property owners/riders could visit their local council website from time to time and advise of any consultations taking place. If you find plans contact Horse SA e:


 Call to Action:  Contribute your ideas for trails in the Barossa, Mallala, Gawler and Light region to:


 Regional Trails Strategy Presentation - Gawler (2) [Read-Only]



Onkaparinga River Reserve

Thank you to all horse riders and supporters who wrote in submissions to ask for the Tom Roberts Horse Trail to re-align within the boundary of Onkaparinga National Park. The SA Government recently reviewed submissions and approved the trail adjustment.
Announcement here

Follow link to Park plan, info is on page 3


Use of old railway line between Lyndoch and Gawler







NOTICE OF MOTION BAROSSA COUNCIL PASSED ON WEDS 16 DEC 2014  to investigate trail between Gawler & Lyndoch. Horse riders invited to join consultation group here


Alexandrina Council – proposed road closure

At the Council meeting held on Monday 16 March 2015, Council unanimously resolved as follows:

1. That pursuant to Section 359 of the Local Government Act 1934 (SA), Council excludes all vehicles (with the exception of Council vehicles, emergency services vehicles, utility vehicles, and vehicles occupied by any other person conditionally approved by Council) from a portion of the Betty Westwood Memorial Reserve between Tinpot Road and approximately 430 metres west of Callington Road.

  1. That Council cause notice of the resolution to be published in the Government Gazette and local newspaper.

3. That Council staff prepare and implement an annual site environmental action plan for the Betty Westwood Memorial Reserve which addresses weed control, pest animal control, revegetation, fire prevention and access arrangements including continued access for pedestrians and horse-riders.

See pages 24-30 of the Council Agenda and pages 44-47 of the Attachments for further details.




Federal Parliament

Members of the Upper & Lower House

Senators for South Australia

Federal Public Consultations –  Federal public consultations all listed on one site

Parliament SA

New Ministry for SA Government  as of 26 March, 2014

Shadow Cabinet

State government consultations

Local Government Assoc of SA – Link to all Councils, Mayors and Councillors




A great way to preserve our trails, hunt routes, endurance and carriage drives is to record the routes used. Why not add EveryTrail to your phone Apps?

Promote your club rides, add useful bits of info e.g. horse watering points and then, when Horse SA is dealing with a road closure order or advocating for a route to stay open, we can look this up and see if its recorded as being used! Promotion and preservation of public land in the same click!