A price restructure to make it easier for more people to come along! $15 General Admission/ $10 Horse SA members (if your club is a member of Horse SA, use this option)

Here is a sample set of questions, what are yours?
Nosebands – Should I be using 2, 1 or none?
Bits – Joints – 2, 1 or none?
Double bridles- why are we forced to use one at the higher levels of training – what is the point?
Is my bit too wide, too narrow, or just right – how can I work it out?
Have I got my bit the right height?
Bitless – pros and cons – styles and fit.
Micklem and gags – should I be using one?
I have a young horse – How and when do I introduce a bit?
Bring your questions.
Sarita is donating her time for this fundraiser- All the funds go to HorseSA

More info and registrations here:  http://www.horsesa.asn.au/events/event/bits-bitting-and-bitless-bridles/