Does your South Australian horse related club or business provide services or have times when adults reguarly interact with children under 18 yrs.?


  • Horse agistment centres
  • Activities involving horses which are organised gatherings perhaps for coaching, sport or recreation
  • Horse related services where regular interaction takes place e.g. horse health & care service providers
  • Clinics, seminars or educational events

South Australia has laws under the Children’s Protection Act 1993 for clubs and businesses (including sole traders) to take steps to make that club activities, workplaces and interactions provide what is called a ‘child safe environment.’

Here is a risk ranking example, to help you decide the minimum level of actions to take


There are several things that need to take place to meet SA laws.

  1. Lodge an online ‘child safe environment compliance statement with the Department for Education and Child Development.

(Please note if you are a Club affiliated with a peak body may have had this statement lodged on your behalf).

  1. Prepare child safe policies and procedures
  2. Conduct a Relevant History Assessment on volunteers or staff that are working in a prescribed position using a national police check, or have an assessment completed by the for Communities & Social Inclusion (DCSI) Screening Unit every three years.
  3. Identify and provide training for volunteers or staff who are ‘Mandated Notifiers’. This does not need to be formal training but ensure appropriate information is provided to ensure they understand their obligation to report any suspicion of child abuse or neglect.

Is your club or business non-compliant or need updating?

Parents, caregivers and persons responsible for children can ask for evidence of how your club or business is providing a Child Safe Environment.

Non-profit horse related sports and recreation organisations that are affiliated with a South Australian peak body should seek assistance from them to meet the requirements. Visit the ORS website for additional information and support.

Non-profit clubs, not affiliated with an SA peak body, or small businesses including sole traders and partnerships, should also familiarise themselves with the information and resources provided on the ORS website.

Further information is also available through Child Safe Environments on the Department for Education and Child Development (DECD) website.

Further information and advice speak with Jane Bartlett, Senior Project Officer Sport Culture and Ethics, ORS Ph: 84571408.


Free training to assist you to develop a child safe environment is available through ORS. There is a ‘Child Safe Officer’ course calendar available on the ORS website.

Play by the Rules also provides free online training in Child Protection, Harassment and Discrimination and a useful course on complaint handling.

samplechildsafepolicy template from ORS which can be adapted for any club or business.

Relevant History Assessments:

Assessments must be completed every three years for people who are working regularly with children. The assessment must use, as a minimum, a national police check and any other relevant information including referee checks. Alternatively the DCSI screening unit will conduct a more thorough assessment but the organization should still undergo qualification and referee checks on new staff or volunteers.

People working as sole traders or in a partnership must be able to, when requested by parents or caregivers, present their National Police checks or DCSI Child related work Screening assessment for sighting within 7 days.

Child Safe Policy and codes of conduct

Templates are available for developing policies and codes of conduct on the ORS website.



Keeping Children Safe ORS

Reporting child abuse



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