Tom Roberts was one of the first to moot the idea of a state equestrian centre, moving to form a ‘South Australian Horse & Pony Association’ to progress the idea. This was carried on by the South Australian Horse Council Inc., and subsequently followed on with by the Horse Federation of South Australia (Horse SA) along with riders and organisations of all types of horse interests.

Today, there is still no ‘state’ all-purpose equestrian facility of a modern standard for competitors, spectators or horses and sadly, there are no modern standard ‘regional’ facilities either, as other sports have. There is scope for several developments such is the shortfall.

Investment in our industry can come in many forms; it may be linked to developments such as hotels or tourism, or as part of major re-development arising from an unrelated industry. There are models for sporting and sector development pathways and grass-roots growth world-wide which can be applied to our state, to provide business growth and jobs, and to capitalize on and compliment other state assets.

All clubs, venues and interest groups are invited to communicate that facilities are still a priority to local councils, State and Federal Members of Parliament, Senators and to your local Regional Development Board. – not once, but many times. Keep talking with as many people as you can about investment in facilities of all types for use by horse enthusiasts.

At the time of writing, there are several groups looking into facility improvements around greater Adelaide, who have made contact with Horse SA. Some are just ideas; some have concept plans or more. There is the fact too, that there are international and interstate readers of the Horse SA e-news and website, who could have interests or networks with capability for investment.

The main documents which giving overview for the need and purpose for multi-purpose facilities have been uploaded for all to access. Although some are quite dated, or may be linked to a particular site, there will be data, images or concepts that are still valuable. The information is all free and available to use, it is just asked that the source of the information is credited.


Happy Riding!

Horse SA
2 Feb, 2016



Horse SA, in partnership with the Office for Recreation and Sport, Pony Club SA, Equestrian SA and eight Councils has initiated the Horse Riding Activities: Planning for Facility Sustainability in Greater Adelaide Metropolitan Area and near Regions project in 2013

The key objective of this project is to identify strategic directions that will aid future decision making by government, the not for profit sector and the horse industry regarding the provision of facilities that cater for various horse riding related activities.

In delivering on this objective, the project aims to understand:

  • The current demand for participation in horse riding related activities
  • The current level of supply of horse riding related facilities
  • The future demand for horse riding related activities.

Understanding these aspects will help support and inform local and state government project partners and other agencies and organisations that have a role in the planning and provision of facilities.

Horse related activity groups are invited to use this plan to help with their own strategic planning for facilities and to apply for grants.

To support upload, the report is in three parts: