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23 Oct 2017
Bronwyn Klei: The Big Bash League, The Adelaide Strikers success was by design, not by luck.

Burning platforms are a catalyst for change. Cricket was crashing and burning and needed to change. Lots of changes. Cricket was reinvented as the sensation of summer. Plenty of knockers including board members, media and senior players. Cricket Australia showed leadership and pushed through. Working with problems and turning into opportunities. Learnt to ‘think like a fan’ and provide what they want. Take home points 1) Think like a fan  2)Become part of the community  3) Make sponsorship activations part of the event  4) HAVE FUN

Laurent Schmutz from the Australian Sports Commission introduced us to the sports research now available. A few notes: Sport participation is expected to drop by 2022, as will participation in organised activity of any kind (Sport and Recreation) however there is a projected rise in people taking part in activity e.g. think of all the fitbit personal fitness programs, social cycling groups, and gyms now open 24/7. The Sports Commission has identified sports participants, and people who are thinking of participating in sport. Barriers to thinking about joining a club include –  too much focus on competition, lack of flexibility in programming, not enough social sport options. You can find out more here:

Kat Norris, Community Educator, Office for Recreation and Sport gave a presentation about research related to volunteering at community sporting clubs. Survey results provided plenty of reasons as to why people leave or don’t volunteer. These include a) people want ‘tasks’ (short, time-bound jobs) rather than long term roles b) Lack of training and mentoring of volunteers, leading to fear of criticism d) Lack of job role descriptions and unknown costs associated with volunteering. Kat then presented ways to meet these challenges. In summary- ‘Good organisation and structure is integral to a satisfying and more enjoyable volunteering experience.’ Kat recommended doing the VSTAR checklist from the Office for Recreation and Sport. If you are interested, the full research report can be downloaded here

Steve Pallas: ‘Technology is making it easier to run clubs’
Here are some ideas to use technology to save volunteer time
MYOB Online financial accounting system (or other similar) so that reports can be produced quickly
Use online shopping and delivery to fill canteen stock or similar and reduce volunteer time running around
Utilise online membership systems, it could be a website ‘plug in’
Your club website should be your revenue engine
Use a third party business or website plug in to manage online shop, just aim on revenue
Introduce gift vouchers within your shop
Use ticketing services such as Eventbrite and Trybooking
Investigate pay pass and other electronic was to transact to avoid cash handling (and extra work for the treasurer)
Crowdfunding to help income
Steve is from the consultancy firm Sports Community



A range of e-books are now available including ‘Anti-doping and grass-roots sport’ and ‘Safeguarding the integrity of sport’

Click here



Integrity in Sport seminar held at the Office for Recreation & Sport 25th March 2015

* Recommended that all athletes, coaches & key officials do the free online  level 1 ASADA Anti-Doping Course (certificate at the end)

* Recommended to promote these links to members/ add to your own websites or newsletters

1. List of Prohibited Substances database

2. Information about supplements

3. Check your substances – this site gives you a receipt to print out about your enquiry as evidence

4. Report doping confidentially

5. World Anti-doping Code (subscribe for updates)


The PowerPoint Presentation given at the seminar was so large that it is now chopped into several files (see below)


Safeguarding_presentation 2a

Safeguarding_presentation 2b

Safeguarding_presentation 3

Safeguarding_presentation 4

Safeguarding_presentation 5

Extra documents provided at the seminar:



NEW ASADA e-Learning Fact Sheet – 2015 ASADA Education plan template – 2015



Check out other parts of this Horse SA website for more info on items such as biosecurity, workplace safety & risk management    

Useful Links:

Australian Taxation Office- Information for Not for Profits

Child Safe Environments (Office for Recreation & Sport)

Volunteer Organisation Authorisation Number (VOAN)

Club Development Network (Australian Sports Commission)

Fire Safety Information  (SAMFS)


Food Safety Information for Clubs & Charities Food Safety – Free online training course

Food Safety for Charities and Community Groups

Victorian Government free online food training 

Keeping your food safe (Health SA)


Legal Services (Free)

Liquor Licence

Play by the Rules


Info & online learning for community clubs

Policies, grant writing and more club info

Raffles & Lotteries rules for SA

Starclub    A checklist for clubs. From the Office for Recreation & Sport SA.

State Sports Disputes Centre (Sports SA)

Workplace Safety and Volunteers