Its no secret. Getting new horse facilities happening in South Australia is far harder than it should be. Local, regional, state level or sports specific. Five or more facilities could be new installed or significantly upgraded tomorrow around the boundary of greater Adelaide just to meet current demand.

It’s also no secret that the aging facilities still in use have to be kept up to date to meet workplace safety, health department, animal welfare, child safety, fire and other regulations.

There is a mix of private facilities too.

This network help with information sharing, warehousing online of information that is needed for typical funding applications, links to what is needed for maintenance etc.

Notifications of government grants, plans for consultation relating to community facility development it’s important to put your hand up in, and bartering ideas. Yes, what can you get for nothing or in exchange for something?

Let’s help each other out.

Community facility development is not a competition, it’s about working together to invest in the future of our recreation and sport horse activities and passions.

Meetings will be held at Woodside, however there is IT in the room to allow people to join in online via GoToMeeting or similar platform to be decided. First meeting date TBA.

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Google map facilities:  Click here