Harness Racing Australia HRA is the forum and co-ordination point between the State Controlling Bodies for uniformity of rules and reciprocity of horsemen’s licences, registration of horses and suspensions and disqualifications. In addition, HRA acts as the national body in international harness racing affairs and is a member of the International Trotting Association. As a joint member of the Event Committee set up in 2008 with Harness Racing New Zealand, HRA is involved in supervising the Australasian Inter Dominion series (formerly under the auspices of the Inter Dominion Harness Racing Council Inc).The object of HRA is to promote the Harness Racing Industry and to assist its Members to more effectively carry out their powers and obligations under their respective constitutions and Incorporating Statutes. By reason of the State/Federal political system, each State Controlling Body administers harness racing within its own State jurisdiction, but the common bond is Harness Racing