Stallion Management   Andrew Perryman  Goldin Farms- Lyndsay Park, SA

You’re having a foal, what could possibly go wrong?  Dr Greg Rodda  Meadows Veterinary Clinic

Preparing for parturition   Dr Stephanie Chapman  Adelaide Hills Equine Clinic

Foal diseases and disorders   Dr Kirsty Gallacher  University of Adelaide Equine Health & Performance Centre



Speaker presentations

Equine Artificial Reproduction: How to achieve a successful outcome  Dr. Greg Rodda  Meadows Veterinary Centre

Breeding the Problem Mare  Dr. Jose Len  University of Adelaide Equine Health & Performance Centre

Equine embryo transfers and other techniques  Dr. Jose Len   University of Adelaide Equine Health & Performance Centre

Testing for Equine Genetic  Disorders. What? Why? How?   Caroline Payne

Foal Leg Abnormalities Dr Darren Arnold    Adelaide Hills Equine Clinic

‘Breeding Performance Horses According to the Principles of Open Linebreeding’ by Brian Messner of  Thoroughbreeding
A few notes ( thank you to Jeanette Gower)

Rules for breeders to use when designing matings were –
* Know your mares’ characteristics intimately and look after them well
* Select sires on the strength of their dams
* Use inbreeding to eliminate variables and unexpected variations
* Use individuals which excel in conformation, with particular emphasis on balance.
* Know the pedigrees of your horses, and the individual merits and history of those horses in the pedigrees.



Previous years

Preparation of the mare and stallion for breeding  Download here  by Dr Abdelsalam Talafha  DVM, Diplomate American College of Theriogenologists  School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences, The University of Adelaide, SA 5371 Australia

The Foaling Mare by Dr Jose Len. Presentation recorded and uploaded to YouTube. Download here

Foals: The First 24 hrs  with Dr Claudia Cruz Villagran    Download link here