Horse care and management of small properties is often described as having a second job! For small farms, without access to equipment or perhaps the skills to complete rural tasks such as fencing or irrigation, there is often the requirement to bring in contractors. Horse SA has prepared a range of resources around horse keeping & land management. One of our most popular is the HorsesLandWater Action Planner & Management Guideline. For other useful publications, visit HorsesLandWater and check out the “resources” link. If you live in the greater Adelaide & hills region, and would like a free property visit to help plan out a pasture renovation, identify weeds or related management help, contact the Adelaide & Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board. This organisation also conducts courses and free field days on topics such as fencing and haymaking. Field days and support is also available from your NRM regional office, with the Murray Darling Basin NRM and the South East NRM recently running sessions for horse owners.




PowerPoint: 10 Ways to Save Money at the Vets





Educational Webinars (recorded online lectures) – visit our YouTube Channel Urban Horse Keeping in SA_ pocket guide Urban Horse Keeping

Horse keeping in the Murray Bridge district

HorsesForCleanWater presentations by Alayne Blickle Greening Your Horse Property: Natural Ways to Manage Mud, Manure, Dust, Bugs &

Weeds Horse Keeping in Low Rainfall Areas (fact sheet)

Horse Keeping in Low Rainfall Areas (Pinterest board)



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LINKS Weeds: List of plants poisonous for horses Plants-Poisonous-to-Horses-Aust-field-guide[1]

Weed Control in South Australia (PIRSA)


FREE online Plant Biosecurity Training

Link to AMLR NRM Weed page including info on buying in hays

Link to PIRSA Plant Biosecurity webpage:

Phylloxera Info (Please stay on marked trails DO NOT ENTER vineyards)


Here is a link to a great series of articles about horse grazing and pastures