Challenging trail obstacle course suiting a variety of recreational users 

This project will establish one of Australia’s first public extreme recreational trail obstacle courses in a state park. Located at O’Halloran Hill Recreation Park, the project will recycle waste rock from the Southern Expressway construction. Obstacles will be custom designed for horse riders, with access options for mountain bikers and active dog walkers.

The project complements a proposed Mountain Bike Hub and is adjacent to the Riding for the Disabled centre, whose clients may also access the course.

Supported by DEWNR, completion is possible within twelve months.

How voting and the grant runs:  general info on

Voting opens on 18 Oct, and before start date we need to build up networks, especially any residents, horse riders, bike riders and walkers within 10 K of the stie. More info coming soon, in the meantime, click ‘interested’ and share this event.


Voting promotion will primarily take place via social media, so if you can help, ‘like’ this page and share!

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In due course flyers etc will be available.