WA Horse Council Chair, Diane Bennit interviews Zoe Harrison about the new book Tom Roberts ‘Go forward, dear’ A horseman’s life and legacy THIS WEDNESDAY on 91.3.  Listen online.

Zoe Harrison was born and educated in England, from a farming and aviation background.  She has ridden all her life and as an average rider the passion for horses never waned.  In 1969 she came with her husband and two young sons to live in WA, where her husband continued to fly until his retirement.

Thanks to Mrs Dear, Heather Larwood, Ron Pass and many others the interest in horses, riding and coaching was developed and fostered in a variety of equestrian disciplines from polo to racing and eventually to dressage.  In  1989 the goal of riding to represent Australia was achieved, in the Samsung Cup.  Since then coaching and training riders and coaches has been her main interest.

The influence of trainers such as Tom Roberts has been been an inspiration through his books.  Probably every rider has one, or more of his yellow covered books on their shelves and have benefitted from his wisdom and advice on all subjects equestrian.  A man before his time whose advice was and is timeless.  Born in India in 1900 his life in the British Army as a rough rider and later Instructor gave him an insight into horse behaviour and training.  This knowledge was passed on to riders in Australia after he moved to South Australia and during the early years of Equestrian Australia, Pony Club and local Clubs.

With support from his wife, Pat, much of his teaching has been archived and his four books entitled Horse Control and The Bit, – The Young Horse, – The Rider, and Reminiscences, have not dated.  Recently a new book about Tom (‘Robbie’ to his friends) has been written by Andrew Maclean and Vicki Stuart, as a testimony to his teachings, and their relevance to modern scientific definitions.

It is to be recommended as an insight to a life through the changes of the use of horses during the century and as a comparison with the principles of the International Society of Equestrian Science.

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