About Horse SA

Horse SA provides services for horse owners and the horse community through:


  • the collection and dissemination of information through communication channels including the website, e-news, Facebook, face to face meetings and events

  • services which support and enable coordination, sustainability, planning, development, knowledge, skills and capacity 

  • liaison with government agencies, monitoring legislation, policy and contribution to public consultation

  • recognition of the horse as a part of our culture and heritage.


Common interest topics for horse owners include recreational trails, facilities, sustainable land management, biosecurity, horse health and welfare, road safety.  Club and business development interests including workplace safety, child safe environments, equine law, governance and business practices.


The horse community includes non-profits, businesses, volunteers and individual horse owners in roles including advocacy, promotion, and if required, representation. Membership is invited from any people or entities that are associated with, or servicing, the horse community and have an interest in horses.


The Horse Federation of South Australia Incorporated (trading as Horse SA) is governed by a Management Committee (see below). Key guiding documents include the Constitution, Strategic Plan and Policies. The Annual Report 2019 outlines the achievements of the past twelve months.

The organisation is funded by a mix of member fees, sponsorship, event income and government grants averaging around $120,000 turn-over per annum. Incorporated on 9th December 1999, the organisation relies on volunteers, currently supported by Acting Executive Officer Tiffany Harding, and Administration Officer Kelly White.

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Dr Lisa McDonald - Chair

I am an interdisciplinary consultant and educator, with interests in cultural research, media, communications, and the arts. I hold a PhD in Cultural Studies from the University of South Australia, and have drawn on this field to explore a range of research interests, including the intersection of the arts, humanities, and sciences, and ‘interspecies’, or human-animal relations. Over the past twenty years I’ve been teaching and researching in related fields in Australian universities and in the VET sector. I have developed a passion for ‘generative’ ways of doing things, or how we can think inventively to create cultural change. 


I became interested in the discipline of carriage driving a few years ago, and through that, the transformative presence of horses in my life. My attention is currently focused on:


  • cultural concepts and understandings of horses

  • educational approaches and social knowledge in horse training

  • collaborative work in horse management, policy, and welfare

  • horses in rural and regional Australia

  • horses ‘in the air’ – horse discourse in the digital era

  • equine and human bodies

  • horse stories.

You can learn more about me from my LinkedIn profile where you are welcome to connect.

​Dr Kirrilly Thompson - Vice Chair

Pony Club Australia National Participation Manager

Cultural Anthropologist (special interest: human-horse bond)
Visit LinkedIn profile here.

Catherine Hollingsworth - Secretary

Catherine is a senior planning officer with the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, with extensive previous experience as an urban planner in the City of Adelaide and in Planning SA. She is an endurance rider and breeds Connemara ponies, and is actively involved in the South Australian Endurance Riders Association and the Connemara Pony Breeders Society of Australia.

In October 2019 Catherine was appointed as the Registrar of the Connemara Breeders’ Society of Australia. https://www.facebook.com/jumpingconnemaras/

Peter Oborn - Treasurer

Current: President Dressage Club of South Australia 

Denis Edmonds APM

Retired Police Officer
Past member of SAPOL Mounted Cadre
Current roles include AI3DE Incident Investigator, Registrar Racing Appeals Tribunal

Judith Leeson AM

Current horse industry connections:

  • Career development and transition services to the SA Jockey Association.


Skill sets where I can provide evidence of transferrable skills, motivated by passion.

  • Advocate for human and horse welfare, and the influence of public perception on the Social Licence to Operate.

  • Promote horse-human interventions and relationships based on evidence, with horse welfare at its centre.

  • Develop education programs that inform and enable the equestrian and racing community to collaborate.

  • Influence strategies and policies that reinforce the role of the horse in our heritage and culture.

Judith's LinkedIn profile is here.

Reagan Garner

Reagan Garner is an HR Manager and local property owner in the Adelaide hills. He holds a Masters in Commerce and an MBA. Having moved into the hills a number of years ago he become involved in horse riding with his family, starting with the Golden Spur Pony Club. Moving to the Adelaide hills has been the best decision he has made and he continues to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle, the hills townships and of course the many wineries!  


Reagan is interested in contributing to the Adelaide Hills community and maintaining its wonderful country lifestyle. A personal goal is to make horse riding more accessible for the community and improving riding opportunities.

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Executive Officer Kym Myall, MBA

October 04, 2020

I have worked in a variety of management roles in government, banking and small business. My focus across a broad variety of roles has been to create value to the community through strategy design and implementation, risk management, developing insights to inform business practices, research, communication and working with stakeholders to get the ‘right’ outcomes. In addition I have extensive project management experience. I hold a Master in Business Administration and a Master in International Studies.


In addition to my professional experience I am passionate about horses, their welfare and maintaining confidence in the industry’s social licence to operate. My particular interests are:

  • maintaining and increasing participation in equine activities particularly as people (and their horses) age

  • horse welfare and enrichment to maintain health and engagement (particularly for agistees, of which I am one)

  • maintaining confidence in the industry.


I trust that I will be able to serve the members in collaboration with the Management Committee and contribute in a positive manner to Horse SA and the support it provides to the industry through ongoing advocacy, education and communication.

Acting Executive Officer Tiffany Harding

My love of horses began as a 7 year old when my family took on a temperamental barren mare previously destined for the slaughterhouse, and the ensuing learning curve has continued ever since. Inspired by early lessons and experiencing piaffe and passage, it has been my amateur rider’s dream to train a horse to Grand Prix level ever since.  I have now competed and trained four horses to Advanced level with two of those going on to FEI. 

I completed a Bachelor of Science (Agricultural Science) at the University of Adelaide, and have worked in scientific fields including horticultural pathology and more recently as a volunteer for the SA Seed Conservation Centre assisting to culture mycorrhizal fungi essential for the germination of rare and endangered South Australian orchids.  I previously completed a Bachelor of Engineering (Aerospace) and worked for the Department of Defence.  I currently also work as the Health Safety Environment and Quality Manager at a busy excavation and civil company in the Adelaide Hills.

Apart from the relevance for my horses’ health, I am passionate about caring for our land.  I am interested in all things weeds and soil fertility, and the effect on horse behaviour of grazing highly fertile land and grasses designed for cattle. 

Administrative Officer Kelly White

Kelly is part of Horse SA's finance team, providing valuable support through administration and bookkeeping roles.

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Life members

Paul Mabarrack

Paul Mabbarack is recognised for taking a key role in leading the vision to establish Horse SA. Paul has a particular interest in cultural heritage, trails and the value of work to continue to recognisee horses in our community.

Pam Brookman

Horses and horse riding, especially trail riding has been my passion from a very young age. My early years were on a farm at Meningie and in those days (1960’s) you could basically ride and camp with your horse anywhere. I remember some wonderful camps along the Coorong, around Lake Albert and in the Flinders Ranges. But that has all changed. Mostly where we could ride and camp then, is now not allowed. It is for this reason and a later passion to see horses managed on land in a sustainable manner for both the land and the horse that I joined Horse SA and have continued to support it.  I see Horse SA as the most valuable tool horses owners and riders in SA have to preserve areas where we can keep and ride our horses in a society and government that is making this increasingly difficult.

Helen Whittle

I was a founding member of Horse SA because I firmly believed at the time that the ‘culture of the horse’ was being eroded in our society – losing local trails, roads becoming too dangerous to ride on, subdivisions taking over where there were once pony clubs & people riding, less knowledge being passed on. The vast, fragmented horse industry needed one voice to speak up on matters relevant to the many and various groups. I continue to support Horse SA because the organisation will always have work to do. We have a body that educates and advocates on behalf of people and horses. It continues to evolve as society has different expectations (even if horses don’t change), and remains relevant to seasoned horse owners & first horse buyers alike.

Gary Slack

Gary Slack is a founding member of Horse SA. Gary has an interest in wider industry development, cross-organisation collaboration, and encouraging new people into horse-related activities.

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Social riding with hounds

Social riding with hounds

Adelaide Hunt Club



Southern Vales Dressage Club, Aldinga. Photo PYT Equine Photography

Endurance riding

Endurance riding

Northern Adelaide beaches Photo Shirley Ellis

Victor Harbor, South Australia Horse drawn tram

Horse industry

Horse industry

Trail riding

Trail riding

Gawler Trail Horse Riders Club. Beltana Station, Flinders Ranges. Photo: Tamara Godfrey

Events, shows, festivals

Events, shows, festivals

Australian International Three Day Event



The Kidman Trail, McLaren Vale Photo: Michael Mullen

Thoroughbred racing

Thoroughbred racing

Port Lincoln Racecourse Photo: M.Coles


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