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Horse SA would like to sincerely thank the Normandie Horse Council for hosting a recent visit by Dirk Beelen, SA Department for Trade, Tourism and Investment and EO Julie Fiedler, Horse SA. Arising out of building cooperation through the inter-generational submarine project between South Australia and France in culture, arts and sport, the visit had a focus on the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the two horse councils. An excerpt is below:

Both parties agree to bring their expertise and skill to develop the collaboration in the following areas:

  • student and intern exchange;

  • extension of exchange programs (summer camps etc.);

  • transfer of professional expertise;

  • elaboration of “market gates” between the two countries

  • visits, internships and equestrian and linguistic training courses in both countries;

  • participation of both parties’ employees in joint projects and commitment to the sustainability of the partnership;

  • exchanges of visibility;

  • collaboration between French and Australian stud farms;

  • exchange and collaboration between French and Australian start-ups in the equine industry;

  • exchange and collaboration between French and Australian riding-clubs

The  photo shows the signing ceremony with (left to right) Dirk Beelen, SA Government; Laurence Meunier, Chair of Normandie Horse Council and Pôle Hippolia ; Julie Fiedler Horse SA ;  Augustin Berthion, Project Officer for International Cooperation, European and International Department, Normandie Region. Later in the day a visit to Haras National Saint Lo, a venue for a past World Equestrian Games. If your club or business would potentially like to become involved in the future, emailHorse SA, as in many cases we will act to 'join-up' or provide contacts or referrals.

The visit also included meeting with the Brittany Horse Council at Haras National de Lamballe, and with Berengere Lacroix, Director, Selle Francais Studbook, Emilie Goulas of UELNWorld Horse Identification and Data Exchange Committee and Innovation Manager at the French Institute of the Horse and Riding, and Anne Jumacourt of Normandy Horse Commerce.

Normandy Horse Council 

Normandy Horse Council


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Horse Riding in France

Founded in 1921 by the riding centres and competition societies, the French EquestrianFederation (FFE) is today the umbrella organization in France for all sporting and leisure activities involving ponies and horses.


It includes a National Equestrian Tourism Committee (CNTE) and Committees in the regions and departments.


Fédération Française d’Equitation
Parc Equestre
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Horse Riding In France



Pole Hippolia 


The Hippolia Cluster promotes collaborations between companies and research or training centres within the horse industry. Established to be a true incubator for “projects and products of the future”, it provides members with a varied skill set and enables the success of innovative projects. It offers services to boost the economic competitiveness of its members and puts forward the French equine innovation.

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Stud Book Selle Français

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Registration in the Selle Français Stud-book of Foals born outside of France

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Visit to Normandy Horse Council 


On 19 September 2018, The Normandy Horse Council received Julie Fiedler, from Horse SA


In the morning, visits were held at 

Deauville racecourse,

Normandie Equine Vallée Research center,

The Pôle international du Cheval de Deauville


In the afternoon, a meeting held at the Normandie Horse Council office to exchange ideas for South Australia-France.


Media story on the visit 


Photo: L to R: Audrey Aussibal, Directrice, Pôle Hippolia: Julie Fiedler, Executive Officer, Horse SA; Maria Montero, Policy Officer, Tourisme autour du Chaval; Lola Quitard, Directrice, Counseil des Chevaux de Normandie (Normandy Horse Council) Absent: Sophie Bonnemason, Directrice, Le Comité Régional d'Equitation de Normandie (Regional Committee, French Equestrian Federation-CREN) 

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Social riding with hounds

Social riding with hounds

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Endurance riding

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Thoroughbred racing

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