PIRSA message re brumbies coming into SA

The #SaveTheBrumbies movement proposes to relocate some of the horses from Koscuiszko National Park to South Australia. If you are considering helping in this cause, remember as with introducing any new horses to a property (whether it is from interstate or within South Australia), to ensure good on-farm biosecurity practices are in place.  This includes quarantining the new horse for two to three weeks, checking on them daily for any signs of disease and illness, along with ensuring parasite treatment is up to date. If any disease symptoms appear call a vet immediately. For more information visit the Farm Biosecurity webpage for horse owners #Equinebiosecurity

Property Identification Codes can now be renewed and updated online

Property Identification Code (PIC) number can now be renewed or updated online. New applications are still by paper work. Property registration is mandatory under the Livestock Act 1997. It is part of a national agreement to maintain a register of the locations of livestock and property owner, or manager contact details.

Chip Checker Days

Chip Checker Day! Congratulations to Murray Bridge Riding Club who recently borrowed the Horse SA microchip scanner and ran some 'chip checking' at club. Hoorah! If your club is a member of Horse SA and can arrange pick up/drop off to Hahndorf of the scanner why not promote horse id? (or pay for registered post). Unknown numbers can be entered into 'Pet Address' and their database found/ details updated. If lots of members are 'chip free' that's perhaps an ideal opportunity to arrange for a veterinarian to run a bulk chipping day to reduce costs per person.

Ideas for your club

CLUB CHECK: Sharing easy ideas to help new people link with your club. This idea was seen in action when visiting Southlands Riding Club in Vancouver. The club promotes local riding and horse boarding centres on their website. While this type of ‘local knowledge’ is well known once you have been in the Horse industry for some time it can be a major roadblock to a person new to horses. This is one of many ways to move people from driving past an event or club ground thinking ‘I would like to try that’ to becoming a rider/member/volunteer.

AON offering 20% discount to Horse SA members

AON has partnered with Horse SA to provide 20% discount on a range of insurance products for equine activities. Download flyer here

Trail user education program in City of Onkaparinga

Thank you to Maddie (far right in image), Georgina & Brenton Collins for helping to share the good news about safer trail riding and caring for the environment. Lucky horse owners along Piggott Range Rd received a complimentary hoof pick, postcard and brochure about trails in the City of Onkaparinga prepared by from Horse SA. Thank you to the City of Onkaparinga for making this education event possible. If your club is located within 1 hr of Adelaide and would like a presentation by Horse SA about trails - club members present will also receive a complimentary kit. Contact Horse SA via email

Survey results: Establishment of a horse database

Download PDF here

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