WEBINAR: Fire Recovery: (Re) Constructing Native Grasslands and management post-fire

6.30 pm Mon 30 March 2020.  Join Andrew Fairney of Seeding Natives for this free webinar to find out more about:

-  Native grasses: identifying grasses which return after the fire, simple ways to increase 
   their extent and management for the long term.
-  Native trees: Refurbishing shelterbelts or paddock tree clusters
-  Find out about tree growing projects for fire and non-fire affected properties 
-  Q & A on related topics, including sowing native seeds or shelterbelts from scratch

This project is jointly funded by the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges NRM Board, 
the South Australian Murray-Darling Basin NRM Board and Horse SA.

Enq  e: Mob: 0402488306

WEBINAR- Fire Recovery: Pasture renewal for small [horse] properties

7 pm Tuesday 31 March 2020 Join us for a free webinar covering post-fire evaluation of paddocks, soil testing for nutrients and soil acidity management,  establishing pastures for grazing and/or hay production and deciding what pasture varieties to plant. Small landholders from non-fire affected areas or carrying other livestock species welcome.

This project is jointly funded by the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges NRM Board, the South Australian Murray-Darling Basin NRM Board and Horse SA.
Enq  e: Mob: 0402488306

Grants for fire affected landholders- Cudlee Creek Fire

Hurry! These grants close 27 March. Includes options to buy horse (stock) containment fencing, troughs, shade & shelter etc. 

Fire Recovery: Weeds 101

Join us for a free evening of information looking at small farm machinery with a focus on weed sprayers. As questions arise, ask about weed control and other farm management aspects with small farm advisor Andy Cole. Arrive anytime after 6.30pm for tea/coffee and pizza. The second session will move to the Oakbank Hotel to discuss weed control post Cudlee Creek fire.
Small landholders not affected by fire also welcome (also other livestock species).
7-8 pm (Emmetts) Small farm implements, including sprayers and slashers
How to set up a sprayer/ Small farm equipment (John Deere, Stihl)
Ask general small farm management questions with Andy Cole
8pm (Oakbank Hotel) Weeds 101: Pasture & woody weeds post-fire discussion & info
Registrations appreciated.
This project is jointly funded by the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges NRM Board, the South Australian Murray-Darling Basin NRM Board and Horse SA.
Enq e: Mob: 0402488306
Meet at Emmetts 206 Onkaparinga Valley Road, Oakbank

Free soil tests for landholders in the Natural Resources Adelaide & Mount Lofty Region

Landholders (commercial and lifestyle) within the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges region are eligible for a free soil test analysis and interpretation of results.

-Potentially save money- only put on your paddocks what's needed.

-If you got your soil tested last financial year, you can still have another test this year.

-Large properties may be eligible for more than one test.

-  This offer is open to primary producers and managers of all
   livestock species. Contact Rebecca Tonkin rebecca

Download PDF of flyer

Pick up a soil test kit at an upcoming Horse SA event

Or by arrangement from Hahndorf or Woodside. Email or text 0402 488 306

(This project has been running last year and into this year, and may also suit fire affected properties)

Fire Recovery: Clean Slate horse properties

Simple changes = big differences with Pam Brookman
7 pm Friday 7 Feb 2020
Woodside Hall 30 Onkaparinga Valley Rd Woodside.

 + Farm fire fighting units ‘show and tell’
+ Pizza & softdrinks/tea/coffee

Share ideas about ‘clean slate’ opportunities & current priorities for horse properties post-fire. Insights from the fireground with Barb Cooper and other participants. 
Recovery updates with Julie Fiedler. Friends and supporters of fire affected 
landholders are most welcome, as are livestock (other species) owners.

Registration appreciated.

This project is jointly funded by the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges NRM Board, the South Australian Murray-Darling Basin NRM Board and Horse SA.  e: Mob: 0402488306    Image: Denise Rofe

Recovery Newsletter

Cudlee Creek Fire newsletter No.1 Download the full edition here: On KI the CFS is producing the updates, click onto the SA Recovery webpage.

Check where you are allowed to ride

Reminder to check where riding is permitted on each fireground.

Reminder to check Horse SA events page for seminars and webinars

Whoops. That didn’t take long. (Cudlee Creek this morning)
Paddock Weed ID and Control: Free sessions coming up- register today. Woodside, Mon 2 March, 7pm/ Roseworthy, Thurs 5 March, 7pm
TBC Pasture Management Woodside, March
TBC Weed Control 101, + how to calibrate a spray unit (Feb/Woodside)
or Facebook events section

Allow pastures time to grow back with strong root systems

In the excitement of black turning to green... its more important than ever to keep horses & livestock off fragile soils and grasses with weak root structures as much as possible until growing strong. WANTED: Photos of horses in containment yards/electric temporary paddocks/holding yards/ equicentral loafing yard use- to keep horses off pastures until well established in several months time. (each property will differ according to soil/past pasture quality/etc)

Burnt permapine posts are hazardous waste to report to Recovery Centres

Permapine Posts as found on many horse properties is **hazardous** waste (Use PPE if handling including P2Masks) Adelaide Hills Council depot Tiers Rd Woodside, accepting CCA treated posts (permapine, also creosote) from Tues 9.30 am. You will need a voucher from the Recovery centre to access this free disposal option. Ash from CCA posts is also a hazard.
To have a property inspected, register your waste etc register online, or at the CC or KI recovery centres ASAP 
Download CCA fact sheet

Listening Post for horse owners and property managers - Cudlee Creek Fireground.

What is on your mind? As recovery planning takes place going forward at state, local and in special interest communities (such as Horse SA community) What next can be advocated for, undertaken or done? e.g. we have had inquiries about 'clean slate' property planning, ways to manage ash runoff into dams if heavy rain does fall... what else? it is important also to (As Alex, our recovery manager says) 'Leave no one behind' so please step forward and also ask neighbours and others in your networks these same questions. Inbox, post below, email, text or talk 0402488306 or we can organise a zoom meeting. KI horse owners, this same question can be posed if there is support from island horse networks.

Recovering from bushfires with equine-assisted therapy.

A blog written by  Bianca Stawiarski of Warida Wholistic Wellness following up on a recent video recording.

Get help with fencing and clean up

By registering at the recovery centre at Lobethal and Parndana (KI) you will be able to find out more about the range of help available for clean up from the Australian Army, Blaze Aid, Habitat for Humanity, Team Rubicon and many, many more organisations. Register today! Photo credit Lainie Ray.

Fodder Depot

Thank you to Livestock SA for running the Cuddle Creek Fire Fodder Depot, kindly hosted by the Oakbank Racing Club. An amazing 1250 tonnes of hay was donated by farmers, and by the ordinary public who purchased hay and drove it to the depot for donation. If you are still looking for fodder in the Cudlee Creek area, call by the recovery centre in Lobethal. Meanwhile the Cape Jervois/KI depots are in full swing. Facebook video of Army delivering hay on KI.

Looking after your [Horse] Mates

7pm  3 February 2020 Woodside Hall  30 Onkapringa Valley Road, Woodside

This free workshop is for the friends, mates, extended family, club members and 
colleagues who are supporting and working with property managers and horse 
owners within the Cudlee Creek fire ground, who are also most welcome.

Delivered by the Red Cross, the topics to be covered:
- What to expect over the recovery period
- Tips on how to ‘check-in’ on friends
- How to look after yourself while looking out for others

Supporters for, and property owners of any types of livestock are also welcome. 
Come along, network, share ideas. Registrations appreciated.

Download PDF flyer    Enq: Email  Mob 0402488306

Image: Road to Recovery

Special offer from Equiculture

Thank you to Jane and Stuart Myers for this special offer giving free access to 'The Equiculture Course' for Cudlee Creek and Kangaroo Island fire-affected properties. Download flyer.

Horse SA presentation at Mixed Livestock Meeting 9 Jan 2020

Download here.  (PowerPoint)   Link to Livestock SA Facebook Livestream is here.

Up to $10,000 for sporting clubs (fire affected)

Media release 10.01.20 about grants up to $10,000 for sport and trail facilities affected by Cudlee Creek or KI fires. Download PDF here.

Six months after Pinery Fire with Dr van den Boom

Burns, airways, hooves etc. with Dr van den Boom, University of Adelaide Equine Health and Performance Centre

How to get my horse through bushfire injuries

Cudlee Creek Horse Owners Network: Strategies for Recover and Resilience

Nicki Stuart of Kersbrook Equestrian Centre shares insights into recovery from the Sampson Flat Fire 2015, with reflections also at the two year, and today, the five-year mark. 

Cudlee Creek Fire Horse Owners Mtg (archive)

Past event.  Download PDF 

Triage of Horses: Pinery Bushfire 2015

Management of large animals through bushfires

with Dr James Meyer, now of Fleurieu Equine Clinic. 
At the time, Dr Meyer was with Adelaide Plains Equine Clinic.

Magic Millions Adelaide opens up for evacuations Cudlee Creek Fire

3 minutes and 33 seconds of horse industry gold. Thank you Magic Millions Adelaide.
Facebook video here.

Cudlee Creek Fire: Mixed Livestock Property Owner Meeting

Livestock SA and Horse SA invite landholders carrying  livestock and horses/donkeys to attend at 

7 pm  Thursday 9 Jan 2020  Woodside Hall  30 Onkaparinga Valley Road, Woodside.

Andrew Curtis, Livestock SA CEO 
- wind-down of Fodder depot at Oakbank Racecourse
- decisions for landholders going forward in relation to feeding, water etc.
- factor around land care and stock management post-fire 

Julie Fiedler, Horse SA EO
- Aspects around longer-term animal welfare
- Aspects for people, using local networks, buddy up with a friend 

Further 5 min talks from guest representatives of services to be advised e.g. Recovery Centre, NRM, PIRSA.

No registrations required. Come along, network, ask questions. Enq:  Livestock SA 0419037569   
Horse SA 0402 488 306 or email 

Download PDF of flyer

Findings and strategies for treating horses injured in open range fires

by Adelaide Plains Equine Veterinarian, Dr Elizabeth Herbert. Available for free download for an interim period. 
HorseTalk NZ article: Journal article on horse burns made available as Australian fires rage

Refencing after a fire can be an opportunity to revisit your property layout

For those who are starting to think about re-fencing after the fire, many people take a look at the Equicentral system as only one shelter and one watering point is required. We recorded a webinar only a few weeks ago with Jane Myers Equiculture about before and after success stories. (No post-fire examples). Listen to webinar:

Blaze Aid Lobethal

Fabulous news - Loberthal SA rebuilding fences after the Cudlee Crk fires.
BlazeAid is setting up a base camp at the Lobethal Football ground starting help for farmers from Thurs Jan 9 onwards until done- seven days a week! Farmers and property owners can register from
NOW onwards by phoning the first two Coords below.
Volunteers are asked to register their intention to help by phoning just Barbara as listed below from Mon6/1/20
The actual opening day for first day of volunteering on burnt properties is Thurs 9th - volunteers please come NO earlier as Coordinators will be flat out setting up the base camp there from the 6th to the 8th Jan.

Contact details for Lobethal Coordinators:
•Al Keynes 0477 555 022 (for General Enquiries and for FARMERS registration for help)

•Andy O'Donahue & Sue
Jackson 0499 555 815 (also for General Enquiries and for FARMERS registration for help)

•Barbara Keynes 0439 653 205 (for General Enquiries and for early VOLUNTEERS registration for offering help to farmers)
Please keep to these timelines and if calling a coordinator, state if you are a farmer or volunteer or donor and ‘cut to the chase’ with a question. The reason is that phone lines will be extremely busy and we want to help all.
Many thanks Kevin Butler BlazeAid Pres 0418530471 OR

Livestock SA fodder depot

Livestock SA Fodder Depot at Oakbank Racecourse has feed for fire-affected properties with livestock and horses. Personal ID and Property Identification Code is required to pick up. Text 0419 032569. Donations are still being sought.

Hoof and other injuries after fires

Hoof injuries after fires: Dr van den Boom talks about the types of fire related injuries treated after the Pinery Fire, South Australia (2015). The hoof section starts at 16.40 m. Other topics include eyes, airways, burns etc. 

Weeks and weeks of burning tree roots

This post reminds us that there are thousands of large gum trees which have roots that can burn underground for weeks and weeks. Its possible that at some point the ground gives way and a human, horse, another animal could step into a very hot hole. Paddocks with trees will require checking over many times, including if an opportunity arises- with a thermal camera as appears in this post.  Photo from Kersbrook Country Fire Service

Sand Colic Awareness

Caring for horses after a fire has taken all ground cover, or for horses living in sand yards or bare paddocks - finding ways to reduce ingestion of sand (and ash) is part of daily management. - Also when the first 'green pick' comes through and horses snap at the grass with poor root system which brings sand with it. There are lots of YouTube videos on how to do this simple manure-sand check. Talk with your veterinarian about options for management before colic occurs. Example video (4 mins 20 sec) link below.

Managing horses in hot weather

A collection of info sheets from Dr John Konke. Evacuated horses are at a higher risk of stress and/or heat-related colic and associated health issues. Plan ahead and consider ways to reduce stress.

Been talking about ideas of ways to improve bushfire preparation or recovery with your friends?

An online ideas collection form is now set up titled 'Record your ideas: Bushfire Response and Recovery for horse owners'. Involved in the response, recovery or support for Cudlee Creek or other recent fires? (including interstate) Got a suggestion and maybe a solution for government or community to consider? Horse SA will supply to the relevant authority/agency in due course (e.g. at post-incident debriefs). Link:
We are also interested if any horse specific responses could be looked at for a future Apps or data fields against a future national horse register. For ideas of some Apps developed for the UK Central Equine Database* listen to the video here: e.g. perhaps to support evacuation centre management, road block integrity, lost and found horses etc.
No personal info collected. Horse SA Enq
*Horse SA does not have any commercial affiliation with CED.

Check your horses post-fire every day

Its a few days since the main fire, and a timely reminder to closely check over all parts of the horse, including under hooves. It takes several days for burn/deep heat injuries to come to the surface. Please offer to check over horses for a friend if needed. Horses may 'look OK' from a distance but the injuries more apparent on closer inspection. Call your veterinarian for advice, fortunately, there is recent experience amongst the veterinary community in SA.

Assistance for rural business owners to recover from bushfires

As the initial shock and distress caused by this terrible event turns into concern for the future of their business and their family’s financial situation, RBS will be able to help eligible growers to develop and implement plans to recover.

This support may include:

  • Helping to develop and implement plans to return to ‘normal’ operations

  • Preparing cash flow forecasts to meet financial obligations

  • Assistance with preparing for discussions with banks, lenders and insurance companies

Our Rural Financial Counselling Service hotline is being monitored throughout the Christmas and New Year period. Any grower, farmer or fisher who’s feeling concerned about their financial situation can call 1800 836 211 to talk this through with a rural financial counsellor and receive support with moving forward. Free support for eligible businesses  Freecall 1800 0433 595 706


Horse properties need to have a PIC number

Does your horse property have a PIC number?
PIRSA is calling all Properties in the Cudlee Creek fire zone who have a PIC number - to ask about status of horses and livestock

Fodder and farm supplies are available for horse and other livestock owners in the fire zone. Bring personal ID and PIC number. Located at Oakbank Racecourse, managed by Livestock SA.

Call PIRSA hotline 1800 255 556 if other livestock services required

Need a Property Identification Code (PIC) number?
Call PIRSA  Phone: (08) 8207 7919 or 1800 654 688   Email:

* PIC numbers are a legal requirement. Agistees can inquire about applying for a PIC.

Need help to assess horses or livestock _ or ID stock who have walked onto your property

- Property Owners with PIC (Property Identification Codes) are receiving a phone call each to ask about horse and livestock status.

- PIRSA hotline 1800 255556 you can request a property visit to check over the stock as there may be decisions relating to triage, disposal. And will notify agencies for wildlife injured.
- PIRSA can also ID stock who have wandered onto your property with NLIS eartags (cattle, sheep)

- SA Veterinary Emergency Management   Mob 0477055233

Community Meeting at Oakbank 21.12.19

Cudlee Creek fire Community meeting Oakbank 21.12.2019 updates (particularly relating to horses).
- The Fire is still active and may flare up again. It is not contained.
- Property Owners with PIC (Property Identification Codes) are receiving a phone call each to ask about horse and livestock status.
- PIRSA hotline 1800 255556 you can request a property visit to check over stock as there may be decisions relating to triage, disposal. And will notify agencies for wildlife injured.
- PIRSA working forward with Livestock SA to establish emergency fodder point
- Adelaide Hills Business Centre 82 Onkaparinga Valley Road is open Monday & Tues for using computers, charging phones for fire-affected people (showers also available).
There is currently no power in many places in the hills and won't be for some time. Phone charging and battery packs for phones will certainly be likely to help any friends as a Christmas gift idea. People who have lost houses need to report to a recovery centre either Mt Barker or Highbury (open 24 hrs at the moment) This is a terribly difficult thing to do, if you need to help a friend through this part, please step up.

Rebekha Sharkie MP office open 9-5 to help out, even to access a computer. 1/72 Gawler St Mt Barker.
*A question from the floor asked about taking evacuated horses back to their paddocks if outside of the fire footprint. The answer basically was it was up to you, but leave the float hooked up to the vehicle and be ready to leave again.

Road closures are listed on the SA Traffic website

Police are asking people to stay away from the Adelaide Hills / Cudlee Creek fire ground unless you are a land owner, local resident or you have a valid reason to be there.

Some roads are beginning to be re-opened to local traffic only. Please visit for the latest road closures.

Police are reminding Hills residents to report any suspicious activity to police immediately on 131 444, or if you wish to pass on any information that you feel may be useful call Crime Stoppers South Australia on 1800 333 000

(Excerpt from SAPOL FB post 21/12/19)

Cash donations for bushfire appeal

If you would like to donate to people affected by SA's bushfires, please do not take items to the Emergency Relief Centres.
Please contact

Fires remain active, check horses closely every day after a fire

Fires remain active, check horses every day.

Today, the Cuddlee Creek fire is still active, and many horse properties remain under threat. As other horse owners make their way back to properties and check houses and horses, not all news will be good. For horses: Burns may take several days to ‘show’ so horses will need checking every day. Water sources may be contaminated. Fire burns underground in root systems over several weeks, meaning the ground can collapse later (and be burning hot) when walking over it. There may also be horse owners who require discreet support for horse burial services. A video link to post fire horse burns treatments by Dr Elizabeth Herbert is here.

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Social riding with hounds

Social riding with hounds

Adelaide Hunt Club



Southern Vales Dressage Club, Aldinga. Photo PYT Equine Photography

Endurance riding

Endurance riding

Northern Adelaide beaches Photo Shirley Ellis

Victor Harbor, South Australia Horse drawn tram

Horse industry

Horse industry

Trail riding

Trail riding

Gawler Trail Horse Riders Club. Beltana Station, Flinders Ranges. Photo: Tamara Godfrey

Events, shows, festivals

Events, shows, festivals

Australian International Three Day Event



The Kidman Trail, McLaren Vale Photo: Michael Mullen

Thoroughbred racing

Thoroughbred racing

Port Lincoln Racecourse Photo: M.Coles


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