South Australian horse industry

Horse SA provides services which support equine sustainability through coordination, collaboration and sharing of knowledge & skills for horse owners, businesses and organisations in South Australia.


This is achieved through communication, advocacy and education.


Recreational trails, facilities, sustainable land management, biosecurity, horse health & welfare, cultural heritage, club & business development, and workplace safety are key areas of focus for capacity building and leadership.


Opportunities for engagement, collaboration and innovation may include:


·       Exchange recognition of events, conferences, meetings

·       Vocational training & youth development

·       Breeding collaboration, skills exchanges

·       Exchange programs (horses, sporting, students, workforce)

·       Research collaborations in all areas of interest, including emergent fields

        of social sciences, technologies, horse welfare, climate change

·       Investors and equine venture capitalist interest in South Australia

·       Know-how collaboration

                    Infrastructure development best practice

                    Professional development

                    Sporting event & volunteer management best practice

                    Recreational horse industry development

                    Equine tourism industry development

                    Equine industry technologies

                    Human-horse therapies


The Horse Federation of South Australia Incorporated (trading as Horse SA) is a non-profit organisation established in 1999.  


Enquiries: Tiffany Harding, Acting Executive Officer   Email


Horse SA 
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82 Onkaparinga Valley Rd Woodside 
South Australia 5244  

Mob: 0402488306

ABN:  80915482672
Incorporation No. A05065


We acknowledge the support of the Government of South Australia through a grant from the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing

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