Vision: To respect and promote the importance and inclusion of horses in the community.

Mission: Respect horses, their community and environment through advocacy, communication, and education.

Horse SA provides services for horse owners and the horse community through:

  • the collection and dissemination of information through communication channels including the website, e-news, facebook, face-to-face meetings and events

  • services which support and enable coordination, sustainability, planning, development, knowledge, skills and capacity

  • liaison with government agencies, monitoring legislation, policy and contribution to public consultation

  • recognition of the horse as a part of our culture and heritage.

Common interest topics for horse owners include recreational trails, facilities, sustainable land management, biosecurity, horse health and welfare, road safety. Club and business development interests including workplace safety, child safe environments, equine law, governance and business practices.

The horse community includes non-profits, businesses, volunteers and individual horse owners in roles including advocacy, promotion, and if required, representation. Membership is invited from any people or entities that are associated with, or servicing, the horse community and have an interest in horses.

The Horse Federation of South Australia Incorporated (trading as Horse SA) is governed by a Management Committee (see below). Key guiding documents include the Constitution, Strategic Plan and Policies. The Annual Report 2022 outlines the achievements of the past twelve months.

The organisation is funded by a mix of member fees, sponsorship, event income and government grants. Incorporated on 9th December 1999, the organisation is supported by Executive Officer Janeth Flowers and Finance and Administrative Officer Kelly White.

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Bit, Bridle and Saddle Fitting

To be rescheduled ...

Come along to hear from professional fitters as they talk through the importance of fitting your saddle, bridle and bit to maximise the comfort of your horse. You will get tips on how to identify if your gear fits correctly and the opportunity to ask questions. You will also see a demonstration of how they fit a horse.

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Horse SA invites you to make a difference today by joining, sponsoring or donating towards valuable work which advocates for, communicates with, and provides educational opportunities for horse owners and organisations in South Australia.

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