National Principles for Sport and Recreational Activities

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Here are the new national guidelines for sport and recreation 'getting back to business'

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Commemorate this Anzac Day at the end of your driveway (with your horse)

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Check out the April 23rd Edition of The Advertiser with story from Horse SA's recent media release. Thank you to the Barossa Light Horse Historical Association. 

Horse owners and their steeds invited to stand at the end of their driveway this ANZAC day.

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This ANZAC day, Horse SA has invited horse owners and their steeds to stand at the end of their driveway, to commemorate the sacrifices of humans and animals in war. The idea of standing at the end of driveways has been shared widely in the media as one way to recognise ANZAC day, along with watching services online and lighting candles.

 COVID-19 has resulted in the cancellation of ANZAC day commemoration events around the country, including the memorial service for horses, traditionally held each year in Adelaide. The ceremony, at the horse trough memorial, on the corner of North and East Terraces, Adelaide, is believed to be the only one of its type in the world.

 The service, traditionally attended by The Barossa Light Horse Historical Association, is followed by the horses attending the traditional ANZAC day parade.

Martin Hilton, Barossa Light Horse Secretary, said: "While this year we will not be able to ride together as a troop, individually we will be on parade at our driveways to keep the memory of the Light Horse alive through this difficult time”.  Read more here

WHAT ABOUT MY HORSE? COVID-19: Quick list based on recent Inquiries to Horse SA

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PEOPLE INFO: SA Health. Download educational resources to put up at your business.

RESTRICTIONS on business, organisations activities, events and gatherings in South Australia - COVID-19  or most other common topics https://www.covid-19.sa.gov.au/

PETS AND ANIMALS- PIRSA information for COVID-19

One source to answer specific inquiries is the Communicable Disease Control Branch (SA) 1300 232 272 or email Sacovid19exemptions@sa.gov.au. 
HOTLINES: National Coronavirus Information Helpline - 1800 020 080 / SA COVID-19 Information Line – 1800 253 787

HORSE CARE: Set up a care plan for your horse (imagine you may be confined/unavailable to care for the horse yourself, consider inducting standby carers) A sample care plan is available from Agnew Equine Ltd.

AGISTMENT: Now is a good time to review your agistment contracts, stay in regular contact with clients. No contract? Google (e.g. DPI Vic), search for legal firms which sell online versions or contact your lawyer. Congratulations to properties already sharing news about introduced protocols.

VETERINARIANS: Many clinics have now introduced new requirements to access services. Plan ahead, contact your vet about any services, pet food, medications and delivery/access options. E.g. Meadows Veterinary Centre - Adelaide Hills Equine, Pet & Animal Care University of Adelaide Equine Health & Performance Centre

SAFEWORK SA:  COVID-19 Advice for Employers.

CLUB AGM: Info from consumer affairs re holding club AGM 


EDUCATION: A 30 min free online course about COVID-19 infection control 
JOIN OR DONATE: Consider supporting Horse SA today by joining, donating, or sponsorship.

NOTE: This information is a guide only, it is important to seek professional advice to suit your own situation.

Wanted: Ridng and road safety photos

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WANTED: (Maybe an isolation activity?) Photos of a riding arena/club grounds set up with activities to simulate riding on the road with rider/horse suitably attired. Selected photos to be included in an updated version of the Horse SA road safety and riding booklet (with photographer credit). Including a step-over commonly found on trails also appreciated. Videos with ideas



Pony Club UK notes for coaches have ideas for setting up a simulated route:

Read about horse welfare during Covid-19 in this Guardian Australia article

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Horse SA has commented in this Guardian Australian story following a letter sent to Federal and State Ministers. Download an abridged version of the letter here and read 'Fears for animal welfare as first Australian state bans horse and dog racing amid coronavirus crisis' here

Check with land managers before using trail heads and campgrounds as many are closed

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Due to the COVID-19  situation, land managers e.g. ForestrySA, Department of Environment and Mid-Murray Council are announcing that campsites remain closed until further notice. Before using any 'gathering point' on public land, check with the land manager that the site is open and any related rules for use. 

Flavivirus detected in sentinel birds in the Riverland

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PIRSA is reminding horse owners to be on the lookout for the potential impact of symptoms of mosquito-borne diseases  (‘arboviruses’) such as Murray Valley Encephalitis Virus and West Nile virus/Kunjin. This follows the detection of antibodies to both diseases in sentinel chickens located in the Riverland. Sentinel chickens are a good indicator of mosquito-borne disease risk and this latest detection has prompted the warning to horse owners to not only be alert but to minimise exposure of their horses to mosquitos as much as possible. Ways to reduce the risk of arboviruses include:

  • using mosquito repellent

  • covering horses or keeping them indoors at a time of high mosquito activity – particularly at dawn and dusk

  • eliminate mosquito breeding areas on your properties.

 Although horses infected with arboviruses may not show symptoms, in some cases, it may cause serious disease. Signs to be aware of include staggering, incoordination, weakness and depression.
As these symptoms are indistinguishable from Hendra virus, a fatal disease in both horses and humans, it is essential horse owners contact a veterinarian for examination and possible testing.
Further information regarding MVEV and WNV/KUN, including human health advice and avoiding mosquito bites, can be found on the SA Health website. https://tinyurl.com/vm24q45


Skills Impact Equine Industry Survey Results

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Thank you to all horse owners who completed the Skills Impact horse industry survey regarding horse services utilised. There were 114 responses from South Australia. 

RE: Essential services recognition - Horse and Animal Industries.

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Today Horse SA has written to Ministers Greg Hunt MP (Health), David Littleproud MP (Agriculture), Stephen Wade MLC (Health SA), Corey Wingard MP (Rec, Sport, Racing SA), Tim Whetsone MP (Primary Industries SA) RE: Essential services recognition - Horse and Animal Industries. It is well documented through university research studies on disasters such as bushfires, that owners are more likely to follow government instructions if advice includes their animals. We are therefore writing to raise awareness about:

1. An alert on the impending ‘animal welfare silent tsunami’ due to significant job losses.

2. The need to establish a cross-government, industry and non-profit special task force to advise the government on animal industries (agricultural and non-agricultural purposes) welfare, jobs and business sustainability.

Download an abridged version of a letter, where further issues are discussed.

Horse SA writes to Minister Corey Wingard about Sport and Recreation Clubs and the Covid-19 impacts

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(22nd March) Horse SA wrote to the Minister for Sport, Recreation and Racing, The Hon Corey Wingard and the SA Recreation and Sport with some ideas to consider in the face of COVID-19. If you, your club or business have ideas- please put them forward to your Member of Parliament- we are all in this together.  The letter included ideas around the Association Incorporation Act, AGM.s, Auditors, HR, Insurance, WHS, Rent, Internet costs, Grant Programs and more. Download the Facebook post text here. (Abridged version of the letter)

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List your club, event venue, racecourse or private equestrian facility on a South Australian Horse Industry Google Map

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Let people know where your venue is located, link website or Facebook for more info.

List key facilities, note if available for hire

By inquiry is your venue available for horse owner to relocate to ahead of a natural disaster? (if this is the only service, please list with Open Paddocks or other sites).
Features include opt-out, ability to update listing

Building on a previous project, South Australian horse venue managers can upload info and when approved, it will appear on a Google map.

Andrew 'Twiggy' Forrest drops in on Livestock SA-Horse SA Mixed Livestock Property Owners meeting.

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Unbelievable night of cooperation, collaboration and goodwill at the Livestock SA @Horse SA Mixed Livestock info session at Woodside 09.01.2020. Guests included Andrew 'Twiggy' Forrest of Minderoo Foundation (helicoptered in- just like that!) Vickie Chapman MP Attorney-General/Deputy Premier, Minister for Primary Industries Tim Whetstone - Member for Chaffey Minister for Environment David Speirs MPDan Cregan Member for Kavel, Alex Zimmermann, Recovery Manager, from SA Recovery, Chair Livestock SA Joe Keynes, and CEO Andrew Curtis, Horse SA Chair Lisa McDonald, Board members Denis Edmonds and Melanie Scott. Mary Totterill PIRSA, James Hall Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board Red Cross and sorry if have forgotten anyone else or missed in the audience. Oakbank Racing Club received a big round of applause for supporting the Fodder Depot. Also to the many helpers including Sue Brown and the Australian Army!

Kidman Trail update

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The Kidman Trail has escaped with all but minor damage so far this summer. Horse riders and other trail users should be aware that the trail sections between Nairne and Tungkillo, which are on regular roads, will be busier than normal in the next few months. These sections are now regularly utilised by trucks, tractors and other heavy vehicles involved in clean up and rebuild. Firetrucks, water tankers and farm fire fighting units also having increased traffic in the areas as patrolling and flare-ups occur. ForestrySA has not yet provided public notices, but if following in the same as Sampson Flat, any fire-affected forest sections will be closed until safety issues associated with falling trees is sorted.

Horse SA Bushfire noticeboard

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Key notices which appear on Facebook will be repeated on the noticeboard, for those who do not have FB access. Bookmark the noticeboard page today.

Note this is for key information, Facebook is most active for general assistance for finding temporary paddocks etc. e.g. Open Paddocks  https://www.facebook.com/openpaddocksa/ 

REPORT TABLED: Inquiry into the feasibility of a traceability register for all horses

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The Australian Senate Report relating to the Inquiry into the feasibility of a national horse traceability register has been tabled. It can be downloaded from this page.

Horse SA AGM 2020

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Thank you to all who attended the Horse SA AGM on Zoom on November 26, 2020. The Horse SA leadership team were re-elected for a further term, and are: Chair, Dr Lisa McDonald, Deputy-Chair, Dr Kirrilly Thompson, Treasurer, Peter Oborn, Secretary, Catherine Hollingsworth, and (general members) Denis Edmonds, Judith Leeson, Reagan Garner, with Briony Moore confirmed from co-option onto the Management Committee. Download the Annual Report here.

Visit the Horse SA events and webinar page

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Stable design, safety in the horse workplace, business boot camp and more! Visit the Horse SA event page.

Is your [horse] business promoted on LinkedIn?

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Is your SA horse business (or national business servicing SA) on LinkedIn? Horse SA has a LinkedIn page for export-ready companies, or those receiving inbound tourists or students, to build connections with industry professionals. Invite us to connect with you by sending your link to horsesa@horsesa.asn.au Photo: iStock

Join or renew your Horse SA membership today

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If your club is a member of Horse SA, your members can access discount tickets at events. Value add to your club! Clubs $55 Business $65 Individual $40 Concession $30. Memberships (non-voting) are welcome from around Australia and internationally. Join via online store or download membership form 
Enquiries: horsesa@horsesa.asn.au or PM via Facebook.

New national units of competency: (Large) Animal Incident Management

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Congratulations! This is 10 years of work by lots of people coming to fruition! Today, (Large) Animal Incident Management Units of Competency are on Training.gov.au FOR ALL Events- workplaces- emergency services where people interact with horses/cattle/large animals

A world first! Go to Training.gov.au then National Register of Vet then use quick search for ‘large animal’ Project history - (submitted units are now approved) Thank you to everyone involved worldwide!

Free Child Safe Environment Resources now available for Horse SA business members

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Attention Horse SA members - Help to meet your Child Safe Environment legal requirements with resources developed with Horse SA by the Department for Human Services. These FREE resources have a focus for coaching or tuition services for children (e.g. a horse-riding instructor) OR commercial services provided directly to children, including:

a) the sale or supply of goods or services where physical contact with children
     would reasonably be expected to occur (e.g. pony rides)

b) recreational services where contact with children would be reasonably 
     expected to occur (trail rides), and

c)  entertainment services provided at children parties or events (e.g. parties)

The SA Gov has asked that the FREE resources are only made available to Horse SA members as they are tailored. Email horsesa@horsesa.asn.au stating which Horse SA member business represented for a link to a Google Drive folder containing:

1) Explainer recorded PowerPoint with voice over

2) Fact Sheet: Sole trader

3) Template:   Sole trader child safe policy

The Office for Recreation, Sport & Racing can assist clubs https://ors.sa.gov.au/sport_and_recreation/child_safety_and_member_protection/create_a_child_safe_environment


Need to join Horse SA?  https://www.horsesa.asn.au/join-sponsor-or-donate

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Informing a social licence to operate communication framework

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Informing a social licence to operate communication framework: Attitudes to sport horse welfare. (PowerPoint)

Download notes for the above presentation  Presented 20 August 2019, International Society for Equitation Science Conference, The University of Guelph, Canada.

Thank you to Horse SA Management Committee and members for the opportunity to do this as a student of Central Queensland University.  You can read more about Horse SA's social licence work here> 

Horse Trail Infrastructure Guidelines

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New guide for horse trail advocates and planners.

Perpetual Calendar for Horse Owners

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Completed with contributions from Horse SA members, this Perpetual Calendar combines a handy monthly reference with information about horse care and land care. Download and print the pages that interest you or the entire 25 page document. A high resolution file is available on request if printing copies. This project is supported by the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program and Horse SA.

Department of Agriculture Information for Studbook Registrars

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Following a letter sent earlier in the year by Horse SA to Senator the Hon. Simon Birmingham Minister for Trade in relation to how studbooks could become listed with the EU (and meet future trade/import requirements), the Australian Government Department for Agriculture has today (31.06.2019) provided a response to Horse SA which includes the following:  

1. Under Regulation (EU) 2016/1012 the European Commission requires that applications for recognition of studbooks and breeding societies to be submitted via a ‘competent authority’ to enable trade of horses for breeding purposes.


2. As the Australian Government does not manage breeding books as per European competent authority requirements, the Department of Agriculture (DA) is offering to facilitate the submission of applications for Australian horse breeding associations and societies seeking listing in the European Union through its representative in Brussels.


3. Applicants should be familiar with the requirements established under Regulation (EU) 2016/1012 , available at: publications.europa.eu/en/publication-detail/-/publication/213e7a66-3dbb-11e6-a825-01aa75ed71a1.


4. Applications should only be made where the applicant can demonstrate consistent and/or significant trade interest in horses or their germinal products into the EU.


5. Applications are to be sent to  Europe.tmad@agriculture.gov.au (if your organisation has a representative on the Department of Agriculture Horse Industry Consultative Committee, then there is the opportunity to work through your rep.)



END of Dept Ag message notes. 

Horse SA has a FB closed group 'Australian Horse Studbook Registrars' which may be of interest to join.  Horse SA enquiries horsesa@horsesa.asn.au

Link: Dept. Agriculture Horse Industry Consultative Committee

Kidman Trail small section of Penna Road closed.

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Trail users will need to utilise the adjacent road. A car has crashed through the step over, end assembly and taken out some fence line. Closed until repairs are done. This will not affect the continuation of the trail, use the adjacent road with care. 

Memorandum of Understanding between horse councils

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Horse SA would like to thank the Normandie Horse Council for hosting a recent visit by Dirk Beelen, Director Europe,  SA Department for Trade, Tourism and Investment and EO Julie Fiedler. Arising out of building cooperation through the inter-generational submarine project between South Australia and France in culture, arts and sport, the visit had a focus on the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the two horse councils. An excerpt is below:

Both parties agree to bring their expertise and skill to develop the collaboration in the following areas:

  • student and intern exchange;

  • extension of exchange programs (summer camps etc…);

  • transfer of professional expertise;

  • elaboration of “market gates” between the two countries

  • visits, internships and equestrian and linguistic training courses in both countries;

  • participation of both parties’ employees in joint projects and commitment to the sustainability of the partnership;

  • exchanges of visibility;

  • collaboration between French and Australian stud farms;

  • exchange and collaboration between French and Australian start-ups in the equine industry;

  • exchange and collaboration between French and Australian riding-clubs


The photo shows the signing ceremony with (left to right) Dirk Beelen, SA Government; Laurence Meunier, Chair of Normandie Horse Council and Pôle Hippolia ; Julie Fiedler Horse SA ;  Augustin BERTHION, Project Officer for International Cooperation, European and International Department, Normandie Region. Later in the day a visit to Haras National Saint Lo, a venue for a past World Equestrian Games.

The visit also included meeting with the Brittany Horse Council at Haras National de Lamballe, and with Berengere Lacroix, Director, Selle Francais Studbook, Emilie Goulas of UELN, World Horse Identification and Data Exchange Committee and Innovation Manager at the French Institute of the Horse and Riding, and Anne Jumacourt of Normandy Horse Commerce.

Information gathered will be shared in various formats including a short report to be uploaded online, webinars, meetings and at events, such as the upcoming Horse SA Breeding Seminar.

Special thanks to organisations who hosted visits on the (self-funded) UK leg: World Horse Welfare, Redwings Horse Sanctuary, The Horse Trust and National Equine Welfare Council AGM at HEROS thoroughbred rehoming and youth education farm.  

Kidman Trail Updates

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Since last November, there has been ‘heaps good’ work being undertaken on The Kidman Trail thank you to the Office for Recreation, Sport & Racing, DPTI, Councils, volunteers & contractors.

- Audit of all infrastructure and ID of jobs to do.

- Installation of missing minor signage + new to fill gaps (posts, trail markers, fingerboard signs Mt Pleasant)

- Design, manufacture and install (underway) of 13 new trail head signs

- The ‘ID jobs’ are now funded to undergo further costing, planning e.g. trail head for Stockwell; ready to apply for funding as available.

www.horsesa.asn.au  Enquiries  horsesa@horsesa.asn.au

Presentations online for Sport Horse Welfare and Social Licence to Operate event

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Now uploaded all PowerPoints and Videos of talks presented on day 1 of 'Sport Horse Welfare and Social Licence to Operate' professional development event, Hahndorf, South Australia, 13/14 Feb 2019. Photo of Professor Emeritus Mellor taken by Cristina Wilkins for Horse SA. Visit here (No recordings for day 2, as this was run as a facilitated workshop) Notes may be available online in the future.

Free download of Five Domain Animal Welfare Assessment resources

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Click through to download the Five Domains Animal Welfare Assessment chart and cartoon prompt. 
The free download journal article 'Operational Details of the Five Domains Model and Its Key Applications to the Assessment and Management of Animal Welfare' D.J.Mellor is here.

Express your interest in joining the Horse SA Management Committee

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Are you passionate about our South Australian horse industry and community? Do you have excellent networks? Are you open to sharing your strategic level expertise in leadership, communications, financial management, administration, grant writing, project management, IT, WHS, government relations or recreational trail advocacy?

Meetings are generally held monthly on a Thursday evening via Zoom or at the Adelaide Hills Business Centre, Woodside. Access to the Internet and email is a requirement. Young people (over 18 years) are also encouraged to apply.

General information about Horse SA, including the Management Committee job description, is available here.

Please email your Expression of Interest to Lisa McDonald, Chair, Horse SA.

AON offer 20% discount on insurance for Horse SA members

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AON has partnered with Horse SA to provide up to 20% discount on Public & Products Liability Insurance to its members


Our insurance package offers cover:

  • Teaching riders at all levels and disciplines

  • Providing tuition on school horses or students' horses

  • Training third party horses

  • A variety of different equine based activities

  • $10 Million & $20 Million public liability and professional indemnity available

For more information contact our Equine Service Team today.

Freecall 1800 806 493      Email  au.equestrian@aon.com

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Social riding with hounds

Social riding with hounds

Adelaide Hunt Club



Southern Vales Dressage Club, Aldinga. Photo PYT Equine Photography

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Endurance riding

Northern Adelaide beaches Photo Shirley Ellis

Victor Harbor, South Australia Horse drawn tram

Horse industry

Horse industry

Trail riding

Trail riding

Gawler Trail Horse Riders Club. Beltana Station, Flinders Ranges. Photo: Tamara Godfrey

Events, shows, festivals

Events, shows, festivals

Australian International Three Day Event



The Kidman Trail, McLaren Vale Photo: Michael Mullen

Thoroughbred racing

Thoroughbred racing

Port Lincoln Racecourse Photo: M.Coles


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