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My First Horse

Getting your first horse is exciting, there is also a lot to think about. If you and your family are new to horses you might find this guide gives you some tips and hints on what questions to ask, the research you need to do, and some of the things you need to budget for. There are also many experienced horse people that will be happy to help so you can make the best decisions for you, the horse and your family.


You can keep up to date through the SA government COVID-19 website

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To make donating tax deductible (for donations over $2) we have raised a campaign through the Australian Sports Foundation. Your donation will enable Horse SA to continue to develop programs that support healthy long term partnerships between horses and their people. Now is a great time to donate. You can do that HERE 

Value of the recreational horse industry in South Australia

The South Australian recreational horse industry contributes approximately $78.9m. You can download the infographic HERE

Upcoming Events

Bit Bridle and Saddle Fitting

Saturday - Postponed due to COVID restrictions. New date coming soon


3a Majors Road, O’Halloran Hill SA

Cost including GST $11 members and $22 non-members

To make your horse comfortable you want confidence that their bit, bridle and saddle fit is suitable to them specifically.

Come along to hear from professional fitters as they talk through the importance of fitting your saddle, bridle and bit to maximise the comfort of your horse. You will get tips on how to identify if your gear fits correctly and the opportunity to ask questions. You will also see a demonstration of how they fit a horse.

Tickets HERE

This should be a very interesting session from Equine Bit Fit, Flexible Fit Equestrian, and CMF Saddle Fit.

Recent Event - Floating your horse safely

Saturday 17th July 2021

10:30am - 1pm

A number of people went away with greater insights than they came with by hearing how to get your horse, vehicle and float prepared for safe floating. Ensure you are both ready for fire or emergency evacuation or a day out. In this workshop Pam Reid ESI Coach provided us with training principles to allow us to work with our horses and establish confidence in floating. Additionally, we learned about float and vehicle compliance from SA Police so both we and our horses are safer whilst floating on the roads.