Property Management
& Landcare

Horses are kept state-wide in South Australia, with the highest numbers found throughout the Adelaide Hills, Adelaide Plains and the Fleurieu Peninsula. The most popular horse-keeping system is incorporated into small properties where horses live outdoors all year round. Horse SA advocates for horse keeping as it is a regulated activity in South Australia.

The care of horses and the care of the land on which the horses live is a focus area for Horse SA. Horse property managers and agistees are invited to network with other horse owners through educational programs promoted through the Horse SA Events page.

Horse SA provides project management and facilitation for community education and related activities, including resource development.

We provide a number of resources for horse owners is the Horse SA HorsesLandWater Action Planner and Management Guide, which provides a checklist approach to property improvements and assists to meet local council planning requirements (see below).

Peri-Urban Horse Keeping

​HorsesLandWater Action Planner and Management Guide

Perpetual Calendar - Horse Keeping & Land Management

Horses & Dung Beetles Fact Sheet Series

Climate change action plan for clubs

Climate change action plan for owners

Horse SA also partners with natural resources management boards to share best practice information and engage with broader initiatives, including the Upper Torrens Land Management Program project Native Grasses and Horses.