Life Members

Pam Brookman

Horses and horse riding, especially trail riding has been my passion from a very young age. My early years were on a farm at Meningie and in those days (1960’s) you could basically ride and camp with your horse anywhere. I remember some wonderful camps along the Coorong, around Lake Albert and in the Flinders Ranges. But that has all changed. Mostly where we could ride and camp then, is now not allowed. It is for this reason and a later passion to see horses managed on land in a sustainable manner for both the land and the horse that I joined Horse SA and have continued to support it. I see Horse SA as the most valuable tool horse owners and riders in SA have to preserve areas where we can keep and ride our horses in a society and government that is making this increasingly difficult.

Julie Fiedler

I have always been interested in promoting the values associated with keeping and riding horses in our community through various ways, such as access to public land for riding. It was timely when I was first invited onto the Horse SA Board, then later, as Executive Officer, to deliver on activities and strategic goals with and for others who also held this same vision. I remain passionate on issues of common interest and encourage everyone to engage with their local horse organisation, and at every opportunity, to advocate forwards to government.

Paul Mabarrack

Paul Mabbarack is recognised for taking a key role in leading the vision to establish Horse SA. Paul has a particular interest in cultural heritage, trails and the value of work to continue to recognise horses in our community.

Gary Slack

Gary Slack is a founding member of Horse SA. Gary has an interest in wider industry development, cross-organisation collaboration, and encouraging new people into horse-related activities.

Helen Whittle

I was a founding member of Horse SA because I firmly believed at the time that the ‘culture of the horse’ was being eroded in our society – losing local trails, roads becoming too dangerous to ride on, subdivisions taking over where there were once pony clubs & people riding, less knowledge being passed on. The vast, fragmented horse industry needed one voice to speak up on matters relevant to the many and various groups. I continue to support Horse SA because the organisation will always have work to do. We have a body that educates and advocates on behalf of people and horses. It continues to evolve as society has different expectations (even if horses don’t change) and remains relevant to seasoned horse owners & first horse buyers alike.