Horse Welfare

My First Horse

Getting your first horse is exciting, there is also a lot to think about. If you and your family are new to horses you might find this guide gives you some tips and hints on what questions to ask, the research you need to do, and some of the things you need to budget for. There are also many experienced horse people that will be happy to help so you can make the best decisions for you, the horse and your family.

Advocating for continuous improvement in horse welfare is an important part of Horse SA’s work. We will continue to raise awareness of contemporary research as it becomes available. Resources such as The Five Domains Model and ‘Tips for the care of confined horses’ are resources that inform wholistic thinking including nutrition, environment, health, behaviour and mental state.

In recent years workplace safety educational events have included horse welfare as it relates to the work, sport or recreational employee and volunteer work context.

Past projects coordinated by Horse SA include the Australian Horse Welfare & Well-being Toolkit and the AHIC welfare check-list for organisations.

'A paradigm shift from care to welfare' – interview with Professor Emeritus David Mellor from Horses and People Magazine.